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Rated J wins Song-of-the-Month Contest !!
Rated J donates over 3000 CD's to Military Ministries.
    Not long after Rated J completed their first album, Jesus Required, the Military Ministries expressed a desire to distribute the album via their Chaplains Kits which traveled, quite literally all over the world.  A mutually honoring relationship began and Rated J was thrilled to be able to provide cd's as needed every month at absolutely NO CHARGE to the Military Ministries.
    In December of 2012, we were amazed (and humbled) to discover that we had donated over 3000 cd's to date, which have subsequently been distributed to Chaplains of all branches of the United States Military anywhere they have been deployed.  Be sure to check out the Military Ministries for more information. 
    We thank our Military service members past, present and future for their service to God and country.   And to God be the glory forever and ever.  Amen.

Rated J dedicates 1 year to single venue.
    In an effort to give everyone with Rated J more time with their families, we dedicated one year to a single venue and agreed not to go on the road during this time unless God specifically directed us to do so.
   From February of 2013 to February of 2014, we were blessed with a building that we could set up all of our musical / stage equiment for use whenever needed.  During the course of the year there were several occasions for people to come together (up to 200 at a time) in praise and worship of God Almighty.
    While it was nice for us to be able to spend quality time with family, we believe God is stirring our hearts with more ministry opportunities in service to Him.  We are excited to see what He has in store for His people and hope to be seen in His eyes as good and faithful servants.
Rated J plays Multi-county event at Fairgrounds.
Rated J unplugged at Resurrection Day celebration with several home groups.
The Christian Songwriters Network (CSN) honored Rated J by selecting our song "I Am" to be the song of the month for August 2011.  They also added the song to their Soundclick online radio station for all to hear. Click here to check it out !! 
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